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Cashew Nut Board of Tanzania (CBT) is organizing a three-day International Cashew Conference (ICC) to be held on 11th - 13th October 2023 at Julius Nyerere International Conference Centre, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.
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The Conference will bring together diverse actors including Researchers, Investors, Processors, Buyers, Roasters, Logistic Companies, Cooperatives, input Suppliers, Warehouse Operators, machine manufacturers, Regulators, Consumers, Associations, Financial Institutions, Development partners, Extensionist, Policy Makers, Farmers, Investors, NGO’s and other Cashew value chain actors from both public and private sectors to share knowledge, investment opportunities and experiences and propose strategies to stimulate increased production, productivity, processing and investment in cashew. In addition, the conference will enable the various actors to dialogue, network, and establish collaborative partnerships.
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Conference Objectives

To promote Tanzania's cashew industry in the international market
To create awareness on the economic opportunities in the cashew industry
To promote the Raw Cashewnut and Kernels market
To share available technology and techniques in cashew processing
To promote consumption of Kernels and use of other by-products
To create networks among local and foreign stakeholder’s
To come up with the best cashew industry financing model;
To formalize the best way of data collection and sharing in the industry.

Expected Outputs

To promote Tanzania's cashew industry in the international market
A broaden market for cashew and its products.

Our Themes

Theme 1
Theme 2
Theme 3
Theme 4
Theme 5
Theme 6
Theme 7
Theme 8

Raw cashew production & Agro-mechanization

Crop improvement (Breeding and genetic conservation, propagation and nursery management, Planting material production, Tissue culture, micropropagation and other in vitro culture studies, Marker technology and Genomics or Metagenomics).
Soil characterization and crop nutritional requirements.
Advanced in agronomic practices.
Crop protection including use of AI/ML, Use of drones, nano technology and all means that help in reducing the cost of production and enable faster production capability.

Technology transfer in cashew value chain

The effective method of cashew technology dissemination
Effective method on how to get feedback from technology transferred
Modern and advanced approaches for technology dissemination in cashew value chain

Investment opportunities in the cashew industry in Tanzania

Opportunities in cashew farming, inputs supply, and storage facilities.
Opportunities in raw cashew nut processing and value addition
Opportunities in the supply of types of machinery, equipment, and spare parts for cashew processing
Incentives in the cashew value chain (production, processing & marketing).

Financing mechanism in the cashew industry

Analysis of the current Financing situation in the Cashew value chain
Provide & compare various Financing Models in cashew sector
Setbacks of the existing financing models in the cashew value chain in Africa

Processing technology and techniques

Current/new cashew processing technology and technical available
Advantages & Challenges in adopting new cashew processing technologies
The impact of cashew processing technology and technique on processing cost

Enhancing marketing of cashew and value-added products globally

Domestic cashew marketing and urban consumption patterns in India & African countries
Production trends vs. consumption trends forecast by 2035
Food safety requirements of cashew kernels by importing countries
Importation trends of cashew kernels and other value-added products in the USA, China, UAE, Asia & Europe.
Dynamics of pricing in Cashew business

Digitalization in the cashew industry

Wireless sensor network in cashew farming
Drones and crop monitoring in cashew farming
Smart cashew farming based on Interest of Things (IoT) and cloud computing
Automation and Artificial Intelligence in cashew value chain
Digital Agricultural Extension tools; perspective from extension Agents in Cashew

Incentives and fiscal policies in the cashew Industry

Assess the current situation of Taxes in the Cashew value chain in Tanzania in Comparison with other Countries that are engaged in the Cashew Industry
Assess all levies in the Cashew value chain.
Cost-benefit analysis in relation to management practices for both raw cashew production and processing across countries
Avail incentives scheme available in Cashew industry in Africa (production, processing & marketing)
Assess challenges facing cashew processors (production processes, technical know-how, and policy) through comparing and contrasting between countries
Should access the cashew production trends regional or country-wise and address the challenges (if fiscal issues should critically be cited).
Should come up with Fiscal policy suggestions and Incentives if any with vivid examples from various Countries that have been adopted


The conference is expected to bring together 500 participants actively working and/ or interested in cashews. The conference is open to participants from sectors and institutions involved in any aspect of the cashew value chain including research organizations, advisory and extension service providers, farmers, processors, farmer organizations, academics, government officials, policymakers, the private sector, strategic partners, civil society, and media.

All participants must register and pay the registration fee of US $ 200 for non-Janzanians and TZS 300,000 for Tanzanians.
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